Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin
Blast (still)  2015
ochres, pigments, oil on linen and
HD digital projection 16:9
2’20’’ looped, silent
Courtesy of the artists. 

Luminous relic

08 April to 09 July 2017

Luminous relic will present a major new collaborative painting and moving image work by artists Mandy Martin and Alexander Boynes, together with a score by Tristen Parr and performance by Laura Boynes. Luminous relic will be based on fieldwork—drawing, filming, photography and performance—in Geelong and specifically the Geelong Refinery. Martin’s and Boynes’ work will continue their collaborative examination of the ongoing and cumulative effects of industry on landscapes, fragile ecosystems, human conditions, and remind us of the social and political agency of the artist.


Luminous relic is Geelong Gallery’s contribution to ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017, organised by CLIMARTE—an independent charity that aims to create a strong arts voice to join with other concerned citizens in calling for immediate, effective and creative action to secure a safe future for humankind and for all life on Earth.

19 April to 14 May 2017