Photographer: Andrew Curtis.

Donations of works

The Geelong community has a long tradition of supporting its art gallery. Frederick McCubbin’s A bush burial (1890) was purchased by public subscription in 1900 and over a century later, through donations by individuals and all levels of government the Gallery purchased Eugène von Guérard’s View of Geelong (1856).

The growth of the Gallery’s collection has been due to donations of works of art by individuals, donations of works of art through the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program and monetary donations to the Geelong Art Gallery Foundation Inc. towards the purchase of works of art.

The Geelong Gallery and the Geelong Art Gallery Foundation Inc. are registered as deductible gift recipients with the Australian Taxation Office.

Cultural Gifts Program

Donations of works of art may be given under the Cultural Gifts Program to the Geelong Gallery. This program encourages gifts of significant cultural items to public art galleries by offering donors a tax deduction for the agreed market value of their gifts.

The Cultural Gifts Program is administered by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. For detailed information on this program visit their website

The Director or the Curator would be happy to discuss with you works proposed for donation, as well as the Gallery’s collection policies, and provide advice on contacting approved valuers. Please contact the Gallery to arrange a meeting.

Jason Smith


Lisa Sullivan