Antipodean views (installation view, featuring works by Julia Silvester, Peter Mazell and Robert Cleveley). Photographer: Andrew Curtis.


Antipodean views

16 December 2018 to 08 April 2018

Julia Silvester’s panoramic Antipodean view is the central work—physically and conceptually—in this selection of prints and drawings from the permanent collection. Using imagery from eighteenth and nineteenth century prints interpreting Australian flora and fauna, Silvester creates a new and expansive landscape: a second representation of which is composed from the Indigenous words for land, sky and cloud.

Silvester’s work is displayed alongside historical engravings depicting the arrival of the British fleet in Botany Bay and early interpretations of Australian fauna (such as those she appropriates), as well as contemporary Australian landscapes by Peter Booth, David Frazer and Lesley Duxbury, and works by Indigenous artists Laurie Nona and Judy Watson.  


A Geelong Gallery collection exhibition