Elizabeth Gertsakis
Commencement of the snake season—the first victims at Colac and Whittlesea  2007
digital pigment on canvas
Reproduced courtesy of the artist and William Mora Galleries, Melbourne

Outrage, obscenity and madness—Elizabeth Gertsakis

17 February 2018 to 06 May 2018

Elizabeth Gertsakis’ digital paintings and works on paper reinterpret the illustrations accompanying reports of crimes and misdemeanours published in broadsheet newspapers by Richard Egan Lee in 1870s Victoria, including newsworthy events that occurred in and around Geelong. An advocate for the dissemination of information to all classes of settlers, Egan Lee fought multiple slander and obscenity cases—after each of which he established a new masthead including Police News, Police Budget, Citizen Press, Banner of Truth and Pictorial Weekly Budget—and changed visual censorship laws in Victoria.

Gertsakis’ profiling and re-evaluation of these images 140 years after they first circulated amongst Victoria’s burgeoning population is particularly timely given recent and ongoing censorship debates, while her digital manipulation of images parallels the cut and paste techniques of the historical broadsheet illustrators. 

Floortalk: Outrage, obscenity and madness—Elizabeth Gertsakis
This event took place on Saturday 10 March.