Tai Snaith
You stop  2017
gouache, ink, watercolour, paper and stoneware and porcelain clay
[from Slow Down, World, Thames & Hudson, Australia, 2017]
Collection of the artist
© Tai Snaith

Reimagine—the world according to children’s books

24 March 2018 to 27 May 2018

Reimagine—the world according to children’s books is a selective survey of Australian children’s literature and book illustration of the past twenty years. It includes the works of Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors and artists including Trace Balla, Bronwyn Bancroft, Joshua Button and Robyn Wells, Allison Colpoys, Terry Denton, Bern Emmerichs, Bob Graham, Leigh Hobbs, Dee Huxley, Robert Ingpen, Ann James, Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles, Marc Martin, Patricia Mullins, Matt Ottley, Tohby Riddle, Van T Rudd, Tai Snaith, Anne Spudvilas, Shaun Tan, Jane Tanner, Rachel Tonkin and Anna Walker.

Presenting original artworks and source material for some of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary children’s books, the exhibition explores the wonderfully inspiring images and texts through which concepts of humanity, nature, caring, cultural difference and belonging, and the challenging realities of loneliness and intolerance, are introduced to children.




Reimagine activates the dynamic connection between reading and seeing, and promotes literacy, perception, creativity, and diverse ways of seeing the world.


Kids and families: Publish me—Storyfest 2018
This event took place on Wednesday 11 April

Creative conversation: Reimagine—Van T Rudd and Sue Lawson
This event took place on Saturday 14 April

Gallery tots
This event took place on Friday 20 April

Geelong After Dark
This event took place on Friday 4 May, from 6.00p

Creative conversation: Reimagine—Bern Emmemrichs and Tai Snaith with Shivaun Plozza
This event took place on Saturday 19 May

Family fun day
This event took place on Sunday 20 May